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No matter where or when or why you need Security Guards, Socaobiz Security Service (LLC) is your one stop source for nationwide security guard.

As a recognized leader in the field, Socaobiz Security Service stands ready to provide you with the highest level of service available.

We Guarantee, courtesy and professional security service in the most diligent and advanced way.


24/7 constant support

Here at Socaobiz Security, we can assist with securing your buildings and equipment 24/7 with our trained and qualified security officers. Here at Socaobiz Security, we commit to provide our clients with the highest level of security service in the industry.

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only professionals

Our supervisory staff consists of experienced guards that have risen through the ranks to take positions of increasing responsibility. Because our system is experience based, we have some of the most experienced supervisors in the business.

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Only the latest equipment

The difference between our people and others is that our people from the entry level security guard officer to the President, Socaobiz Security Services, LLC. is committed from the top down to provide the highest level of security guard services possible for businesses.

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After hiring the very best applicants, it only makes sense to complete the process by turning them into the very best security officers. 

The owners of Socaobiz Security Services, LLC. have initiated and been instrumental in setting up extensive training programs. Every office abides by the state laws and provides the required training. However, we go beyond the state training programs and make the extra effort to insure that our officers are thoroughly trained in report writing, communications, legal limitations, controversial situations, client expectations, appearance, conduct, company rules and on-site procedures.

It is expensive and time consuming to train officers; but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As local owners, we are concerned about our reputation on each and every job. Training is a major factor required to give our clients unmatched service.

We focus on our client’s specific requirements and delivering pro-active security solutions day after day, night after night. 100% coverage means satisfied clients that feel secure with their choice of security provider.

 Our goal is to rank Number 1 with you too. We have a customer service team that communicates with you on a bi-weekly basis from the corporate office. This contact is in addition to the communication with your local managers. The Customer service representative is there to insure quality service and satisfied customers.

Nothing will be more important to your security and our reputation than the individuals that serve us both. Developing individual officers and supervisory personnel is critical. Socaobiz Security Services, LLC. emphasizes recruitment, screening, training, education and support that foster a loyal, cohesive team of security professionals.

These are the elite. They have been carefully selected and matched to provide you with a unified team that works to meet your security needs. We recognize and celebrate the spirit of service that these professionals bring to their jobs and your posts. We work to foster and support our teams, rewarding stability, dedication and creative input. 

Developing loyal, security officers with a good work ethic is a slow methodical process. We can’t just hire applicants, put them on your site and expect them to know what to do. The field supervisors, district manager and ownership train the officers to give you the best possible service.

Our supervisors will not tolerate poor performance. Their function is to improve or remove security officers. If an officer cannot adapt to changing functions on your site, they are terminated. We do not move dysfunctional officers from one account to another. You will not have to worry about getting officers that another company already rejected

Classroom training is only as good as the instructors teaching. We have some of the most experienced instructors in the business. Our student to instructor ratio means every candidate gets the attention they need to fully comprehend and retain covered material. Our officer candidates spend the full compliment of state mandated hours in classroom training. In addition we prefer that our officers go beyond the state minimum. We require additional sessions to cover information and materials that make some of the best-prepared guards in the industry.

Socaobiz Security’s training is supervised by field staff to insure that information is kept current and pertinent. Our managers will be working with these candidates in the field. The kind of training they receive is critical to the team. 

Our security officers receive continuous follow-up training throughout their careers. Staying current with standards and practices that are constantly changing isn’t second nature. It takes a systematic program of follow up to make sure that our security officers are up to date on critical security issues and policies.


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BY okosoko Jan 13, 2016


BY okosoko Jan 13, 2016